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Unjaded Muse Poetry

Dear readers,

          I am an addict. I crave that sudden spark – that moment of creation where my muse awakens and sets the scene with whispers of a theme and spins me stories I believe in, singing them with feeling and painting pictures in my mind so vividly.

          I long for those times where I do not simply ride a train of thought, but allow my imagination carry me away. Pressing pen to paper, or fingers to keys, I am set free.
It is a high unlike any other.

Maybe I need to settle on a book to read, discover new art, find new music, or simply listen to the silence. I am very introspective which means I tend to overthink things. Perhaps I only need to stop searching and let it come to me instead.
A bolt from the…

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About donymcc203

I'm a mom of two grown kids who loves to keep busy. I love to cook, read and am totally addicted to Pinterest. I have been a caregiver for the past 18 years so I would love to help anyone who could use some advise. If I've been through it I will share, if not I can help find out where to get the information. You do not go through these things not to help someone along their way. Life can be a struggle but with God, family, friends, and joy in your life you can get through anything. I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. Philippians 4:11
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