Inspiration can come from many places and things. It takes being open to all that is around you, having an open mind, heart and eyes. It can be in the eyes of a child and what the future holds for them. Or what about seeing an elderly couple walking hand in hand together, I just love that and so wish that it would have been me and my husband Rick if he had lived, in our later years. What about a beautiful Special Needs child that may live in a world all their own, but is always smiling and happy, all they know is joy. That is a child of God.

Tuesday is the day that we have Staff Prayer at church, and it was simply amazing. I knew when I walked out that I would write about this man, that was there to speak to us.



I am going to put up the link to his site and urge you to go there to listen to him talk, you will not be able to get enough. He uses the word of God and his beautiful dogs to reach out to people. I was so taken by him that I could have listen to him for hours. TALK ABOUT INSPIRATIONAL. Hank has the ability to relate his teachings to every man, woman and child in attendance no matter where they are in life. God has taken him to speak all over and to change lives along the way with his wonderful dogs and God in his heart.

To get to his site go to:

then go down to Kingdom Dog Ministry on Crystal Cathedral on Vimeo and watch him speak this is another place to hear him speak. Please let me know how you felt after listening, I would love to get feed back. This morning he had everyone in our staff on the edge of our seats and clapping at the end. It was a very powerful morning, one I won’t soon forget. I saw him as I was walking to the office and I had to go up and shake his hand and give him a hug (I am a hugger). I told him that I thought he had a very powerful message, and I could tell that God was using him to deliver his word. Hank told me that before he started this ministry he could have never have talked to people like he does, not even a few much less a church or arena full, but he is being lead by God to do this. I fell in love with this wonderful man and what he is doing to change lives for the better.

“Where there is love there is life.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Go out and get inspired and love your self.


About donymcc203

I'm a mom of two grown kids who loves to keep busy. I love to cook, read and am totally addicted to Pinterest. I have been a caregiver for the past 18 years so I would love to help anyone who could use some advise. If I've been through it I will share, if not I can help find out where to get the information. You do not go through these things not to help someone along their way. Life can be a struggle but with God, family, friends, and joy in your life you can get through anything. I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. Philippians 4:11
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